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LOL! What a great story! I love the way you write.

Keep 'em coming. :)

Posted by Athen Grey



Very nice, you are a really talented writer.

Posted by Michael



You get me each time! But today I just feel like voicing the pleasure your writing gives me. You just have a unique way of capturing the funny side of trivial situations, in a way that seems so tangible,

but yet so complex.

Reading your stories is like reading a postcard.

Posted by D



Your stories always brighten my day!

I always enjoy them, you are such a polished writer. And for some odd reason this has to be one of my favourite ones- making me laugh out loud many times, and evoking the atmosphere and your discomfort vividly.

Posted by Dauna



"mouth drops...'take the hint'..." ROFL....that has got to be the funniest post of yours i have read since signing on a few months ago! GOD!!! your narrative memory was razor keen and merciless.


Posted by Mike



Wonderful exploration of the many nuances of memory.

Beautifully written, as always!

Posted by Cat Zen Space



It's not a given that good writers have poetic souls but it's

a pretty good indicator

Posted by JD



You are such a romantic poet! Your words and thoughts give me goose bumps and an abundance of smiles and warm thoughts! Thanks!

Posted by Jason



I don't think I've read a poem of yours... and if I have... nothing can compare to your imagery on this one!

Kudos to you my friend!

Posted by ThomCat



You certainly have a vivid imagination! I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

Posted by Johnny



I really don't know what to say except Bravo!

Someone should give you a medal for good old entertainment!

Posted by Ms Bathsheeba



Keep writing man. The questions and thoughts in here are really amazing. I almost did run someone over in my first driving test. My aunt was my driving instructor and she passed me anyway.

Posted by Perry a.k.a. PJ



You are very talented my friend,

it's hard to make me laugh and yet you do it every time!!!!

Posted by Dominick



You're stories truly amaze me. I love the way you write.... Probably because I write similarly as in all over the place, as my mind thinks... I was reading a book this year that is in the similar pattern, when I think of the name I'll let you know.

You would love it... Anyway, loved the story as usual,

(you should write more of them).

Posted by Lisa I



This was delightful! I wish you would create a book of short stories like David Sedaris. You are that funny and that brilliant. Well, I love David Sedaris so that's why I'm using him as an example. OMG, Phyllis, I love it! Thanks for the wonderfully funny writing!

Posted by Paolo



You amaze me ~ What a joy it is to always find such pleasure in your words. You write so beautifully and vividly.

Posted by « Dutchy »



What a gift.

Thanks for making me feel like I had the same experience.

It was beautiful.

Posted by (F)reddy



Came by your page to send a note to ask more about my new friend, when I seen this 10 things about me

Not only did it keep me chuckling (do you like that word? throughout, it was very insightful to the kind of person you are... so random... lol

Looking forward to learning more :)

Posted by da girl



This morning you have made me happy. I'm not alone in my randomness. I do this too and although I don't take the bus anymore, when I did, it was just like this. You made me laugh out loud.

Posted by Sandra ~ "On her way to Fabulous"



I love this. You are a fantastic writer. I will think on some juicy confession and post it later (if i dare) because right now, I'm thinking I'm perfect and have never done anything wrong, heheheheh...hehehhee....*grin*

Posted by Thank you, Sir...



You are so amazing to read.

Posted by CHAD 360°



Another great story. You write so well, always throws in a new perspective to my thoughts. right now my sheets are this earthy orange....hmmmm... in anticipation of the oncoming monsoons!

Posted by Lisa II



You really are the most incredible writer! You should take a sabbatical and write a book or three! I loved that I laughed with you and almost cried too.

Posted by Dolly Daydream



I love reading your stories!!!

Posted by PJ S



I love how you write about simple things that mean a lot to you.

You always manage to bring out a smile on my face as I read your beautiful sentiments that are shared here. Somehow they are sad,

yet you put some funny remark in them that will mellow down the sadness.

Posted by (¯`·._.·Irene·._.·´¯)



Your so gifted!

The way you tell a story makes me think I'm right there with you!

Posted by Cami



I think as long as you are remembered in someone’s heart you have left your mark on the world. You have touched my heart and so have left your mark on me.

Posted by Blanca Bunny



Such enjoyable writing. Effusive and picturesque at times and then blunt and to the point at others. I love your writing style

Posted by Dauna  



I love the way you write. LMAO when I got to "NASA certified welding mask", then several times more when reading through the rest. You're a funny guy.

Posted by .::J::.



That was a beautiful story! I guess I need to put the wok down in my own life when it's too hot. Thank you so much for sharing a piece of your life with me, us, your readers.

Posted by StormyMonday



I LOVE your writing style. Please don't even think of changing it. There is this dreamy flow to it. I love that isn't a style like "speech" it shows that you put thought into it. And clearly there is a definite style to it. I could pick one of your stories out of a very large lineup I think (even if it wasn't about Sydney)

Posted by BabblingB



This was very good. Letting us into glimpses of your life.

Snippets of your life.

Posted by MARCV

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