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One Item or Less

Here is a light-hearted collection of short stories, poems and snippets for you to enjoy at a discount.


You might find it amusing to browse through these while you are waiting in line and daydreaming at the supermarket. Or maybe you want something to pass the time with while you are en route to meet that special someone for a chilled beverage and high vibe snack.

Why not take a stand on that conveyor belt that goes off towards the sunset and embark on a mini adventure of some kind? You look like you deserve it. Go on. I dare you...

Passing Thoughts Between Bus Stops

If you don't like reading then this book is for you. The stories are short enough for you to finish one while you're waiting for your eggs to cook. How cool is that?


If you do like reading then this book is for you too. The stories are random and eclectic. They might surprise you in a small way that's similar to the feeling you get when you notice that the recycled soap really did save you money in the end.

They will probably make you think with a smile about moments that you have forgotten.

Because that's my specialty. Passing thoughts between bus stops. We've been there. Let's remember for a second or two, shall we?

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